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* on the home page: Click on one of the pictures to see more about where our club is resided (ons lokaal), our board of executives (ons bestuur) and our 'giant' (onze reus). At the right top of the page you find an email-link to contact us. If you want to go back to the home page, click on the header with our club-logo. Click on one of the four main buttons, just below the header, to get more information.

* on the four main pages: Click on another main button to switch to that specific main page. Click on the header to go back to the home page. The main pages are:

1. Clubinfo (with drop down menu): with some history, the 'moustaches of the year', our members and sponsors, the lyrics of our club-song and a page to subscribe.

2. Activiteiten: our schedule of activities.

3. Fotoalbum (with drop down menu): lots of pictures from all kind of activities, archived per year. 'Uit de oude doos' means from the times when digital photography was not invented yet.

4. Links: with hyperlinks to other moustache-clubs all over the world.

History: (written begin 2002)

Our club was founded in 1978 by Willy Dupon. At that time the club was residing in 'Eetkroeg De Snor'. A few years ago, because of some unforeseen circumstances, we had to move with our club to a new location called 'De Konincklijke Snor'. End of last year, Willy decided to re-open his former pub and wanted the club to follow him. But during one of our monthly meetings, the majority of the members has choosen to stay in 'De Konincklijke Snor'. Willy could not accept the result of this 'democratic voting', he left the meeting and abandoned the club as well. In the meantime, he founded a new 'European' (?) moustache-club. We regret that Willy gave up his life-work.

Thanks to our loyal members, "Snorrenclub Antwerpen" is still alive and kicking.