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2019 World Beard & Moustache Championships

17-18-19 May 2019
Antwerp, Belgium

At the Flanders Meeting & Convention Center Antwerp.

Proceeds will support the Onafhankelijk Leven (Independent Living) Charity.


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Dear bearded and moustached friends,

It is our great honour and even greater pleasure to welcome all of you in Antwerp, Belgium, for the World Beard and Moustache Championships 2019.

We promise you to not only organise a superb championship, but also an enjoyable reunion of ‘Facial Hair Friends’ from all over the world!

We would like to thank the World Beard and Moustache Association for accepting our club as this year’s host.

The three-day event will be held in the spirit of the WBMA’s motto: “IN FRIENDSHIP AND HONOUR”.


Signing in the name of SNORRENCLUB ANTWERPEN
(the Antwerp Moustache club)

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Ronnie Vermeulen


Our mascot, the Tamarin Monkey.



Friday 17 May

19.00 hr

20.30 hr

21.30 hr

22.00 hr

Doors open.

Registration and prejudging

Meet and greet evening with live music, food and drinks

J&B Connection (live band)

Ladies' Competition.

L1 - Ladies Relistic Moustache

L2 - Ladies Creative Moustache

L3 - Ladies Realistic Beard

L4 - Ladies Creative Beard

Overall Best in show.
(Rewarded with a jewel sponsored by “La Cave au Bulles”)

Cover Up (live band)

Saturday 18 May

09.00 hr: 

12.00 hr:

12.30 hr

12.50 hr

13.10 hr

13.30 hr

13.50 hr

14.10 hr

14.30 hr

15.00 hr

15.20 hr

15.40 hr

16.00 hr

16.20 hr

16.40 hr

17.00 hr

17.20 hr

17.50 hr

18.10 hr

18.30 hr

19.00 hr

19.30 hr

20.00 hr

20.30 hr

21.00 hr

Registration and prejudging.

World Beard and Moustache Championships 2019

1 - Natural Moustache

2 - English Moustche

3 - Dali Moustache

4 - Imperial Moustache

5 - Hungarian Moustache

6 - Free Style Moustache

Results Moustache Categories

7 - Natural Goatee

8 - Chinese Moustache

9 - Musketeer

10 - Imperial Partial Beard

11 - Sideburns Natural

11b- Alaskan Whaler

12 - Partial Beard Freestyle

Results Partial Beards Categories

13 - Verdi

14 - Garibaldi

15a- Natural Full Beard max 30 cm

15b- Natural Full Beard more than 30 cm

16 - Natural Full Beard Styled Moustache

17 - Full Beard Freestyle

Results Full Beards

Overall Best in Show
(rewarded with magnum champagne sponsored by “La Cave aux Bulles”)

Please note that times can change during competition. Thanks for your understanding.

Sunday 19 May

12.30 hr:

13.00 hr:

16.00 hr:  

Start forming parade

Start Parade of Beards and Moustaches.

Closing Party with live music, food and drinks at café De Konincklijke Snor



1. Natural Moustache

2. English Moustache

3. Dali Moustache

4. Imperial Moustache

5. Hungarian Moustache

6. Freestyle Moustache


Partial Beard

7. Natural Goatee

8. Chinese Moustache

9. Musketeer

10. Imperial

11. Sideburns Natural  

11b. Alaskan Whaler   

12. Partial Beard Freestyle

Full Beard

13. Verdi

14. Garibaldi

15. Natural Full Beard

16. Natural Full Beard with Styled Moustache

17. Full Beard Freestyle

Natural full beards (cat. 16 and 17) can be divided in maximum lengths.



L1. Realistic Moustache

L2. Creative Moustache

L3. Realistic Beard

L4. Creative Beard

world championship skyline.png

Pre – registration info :

Online pre-registration is closed.

Registration still possible on Friday from 19.00 till 21.00 hrs and on saturday from 09.00 till 11.00 hrs at the venue.


Participants : € 50,-  
(including meet and greet on Friday and WBMC on Saturday)

Visitors  :  € 30,-   (including meet and greet on Friday and WBMC on Saturday )
€ 25,-   ( WBMC on Saturday only)

€ 10,- ( Friday only )

Visitor tickets only available at the entrance of the venue.

All prices (except Friday only) include
visiting the Antwerp ZOO on Saturday !  10.00 hr till 18.00 hr !!!
(situated next to the venue)

Prices are exclusive registrar & transaction fees.

When filling in the registration form, please also indicate whether you want to participate in the buffet on Friday, Saturday or both.  No prepayment required for the buffet.

Bij het invullen van het inschrijvingsformulier gelieve ook aan te duiden of je aan het buffet wilt deelnemen op vrijdag, zaterdag of allebei. Geen voorafbetaling nodig voor het buffet.

Please also indicate whether you want to participate in the parade on Sunday. In this way we can inform the law enforcement agencies of the size of the procession.

Gelieve ook aan te duiden of je zondag aan de parade wil deelnemen. Zodoende kunnen wij de ordediensten op de hoogte brengen van de grootte van de stoet.

For the categories 15. Natural Full Beard and 16. Natural Full Beard with Styled Mustache, please pass down the length of the beard from the end of the chin down.

Voor de categoriën 15. Natural Full Beard and 16. Natural Full Beard with Styled Moustache, gelieve de lengte van de baard van het uiteinde van de kin naar beneden door te geven alstublieft.

Registration Form


Event Details

17-18-19 May 2019
Flanders Meeting & Convention Center
Antwerp, Belgium


Data gathered for this event is used ONLY for registration purposes in the scope of this event.
Your data will not be shared with third parties or used commercially, by any party.

By clicking REGISTER AND PAY, you consent to use of your data in the manner described above.

Your data can be modified by contacting the organisation directly. This may result in de-registration for the event.


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A Monkey cannot live on moustaches alone!

A Monkey cannot live on moustaches alone!

Buffet Menu

Asian Business Buffet on Friday 17 may 2018 (€20)
(Open 19u00 - 22u00)

Salad Bar

Pad thai salad
Curry with chickpeas and mango
Pickled cucumber salad        
Tataki of beef with wakame    

Pad thai salade                                                   
Curry met kikkererwten en mango                        
Gepekelde komkommersalade                             
Tataki van rund met wakame      


Chicken Coconut Curry
Tom Kha Tofu
Pork Cubes, Sweet and Sour Sauce
White Rice
Stir-Fried Vegetables
Bami Goreng

Kip kokoscurry
Tom kha tofu
Varkensblokjes Zoetzuur
Witte Rijst
Gewokte groenten
Bami Goreng

International Business Buffet on Saturday 18 may 2018 (€20)
(Open 11u30-15u00 & 18u00-21u00)

Salad bar

Red cabbage salad with apple, walnut and raisins
Curry with chickpeas and mango
Couscous with fine vegetables
Beef carpaccio

Rodekoolsalade met appel, walnoten en rozijnen
Curry met kikkererwten en mango 
Couscous met fijne groenten
Carpaccio van rund


Pork tenderloin cut in the hall
Steamed salmon cut in the hall
Baked turkey fillet cut in the hall
Warm pepper and tarragon sauce
Warm vegetable selection
Potato gratin
Beet Bourguignon

Varkenshaasje in de zaal versneden
Gestoomde zalm in de zaal versneden
Gebakken kalkoenfilet in de zaal versneden
Warme peper- en dragonsaus
Warme groenteschotel
Biet Bourguignon